Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boo~ the cutest dog in the world

Does anyone know Boo? I was reading the Time magazine yesterday and they have a tiny little bit talkingabout the cutest dog in the world, so I google it and become a fan of Boo on facebook.
Check Boo out on the abcnews, and here is his facebook page with lots of cute pictures.

I have a dog too, his name is Cookie. He is a year and 5 months old. Cookie is very quiet, I still wonder does he know how to bark. He kind of scare of human but loves to play with dog, he is a runner in the dog park. I think he is cute too.

This is what he looks like the first day he went home with us.
We took him to the beach, I don't know does he like it, cos he doesn't like taking shower at home.
This is what he look like lately, however he just had a haircut.

If you know me, we have another 2 dogs at home in Hong Kong. I used to scare of dogs when I was small, and these 2 just melt my heart. I love them and I miss them. The brown one called Bei Bei (Its a chinese name, and the white one called Missy)

When Bei Bei was little and now.


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