Monday, September 19, 2011

First Blog~ Strawberry Picking and 'cooking'

Okay, I am starting to blog, I am not a dairy person, I don't know how long will I last. Let's see.

My sis and Tony came to visit last week, we went up to San Francisco, the weather was so much cooler than in the desert which is nice. We just did most of the tourist stuff when we were there. I might blog about it later. On our way back we drove pass some fruit picking fields, everyone was bored and tired in the car so we decided to stop and get some strawberries.

They also have jam tasting and you can buy their pie which made with their fresh fruit.
We didn't finished the strawberries, and after my sis and Tony left, Albert said let make some strawberry muffins, so then I search online and find a recipe it and start making them. The next day I decided to use the remaining strawberries for some fresh juice/ smoothies and here they are

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