Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A few changes

We have done some changes in our little condo.

Our balcony came with a light like this when we bought the place. Yea very ugly!

After a year, we finally found the perfect light to go with this small outdoor area.
We got this from the Lowe clearance section, I don't remember the price exactly, but definitely less than $10, I think it was around $7. I am very happy with it.

We don't live close to any Ikea store, it takes us around 2 hours to get to one. The last trip we went, we found a very nice mirror (again in the clearance section) with a very good price tag ($40). We decided to put in the guest bathroom.

The before picture of our bathroom.

I would keep this mirror with me when we get a house in the future, I am hoping to put it in the entrance area.

Another lighting, and of cos I never remembered to take picture for the product before we change it.
This is the master sink area (Just don't look at the black water)

We bought a vanity light from Lowe clearance section (don't we just love clearance)! 

This light only cost us $5, you can't resist not buying it. As it today, we still missing the glasses.

Hopefully by the end of next month, all our lighting will be fixed. We are putting recessed light in out living room, changing the light fixtures in the kitchen and dinning room. Also putting ceiling light in the bedrooms too, its going to be interesting and lots of shopping ( in clearance section, Wohoo).

Here is a sneak peak

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