Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cabinet Transformation

I found another big project for our condo.

I saw this 
from a blog called Decorating Cents  

I always wanted a white kitchen but now I want a chocolate colour one or dark brown with light colour counter top. We were going to spray ours in white, but it was too much work, taking them out, sanding, waiting, spraying. But now I don't need all that.
Look at some of those amazing transformation. I don't know when do I have time to do that, but this is on my to do list. 

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  1. I watched the transformations video just now and it still looks like a lot of work. A few days worth, minimum. Cleaning, deglossing, glazing, top coat... It may be just as easy to spray them white. I've been debating something similar for a while now. Just on the fence about changing them - in case I mess them up. haha. And, in case we have to sell our house in the next couple of years. May not be worth the time, as they aren't THAT bad now. Let me know if you try it!