Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laughlin, NV

Last weekend (it was less than a day trip), we went to Laughlin with Albert family. There was a car show there and Albert's brother bought his car to attend and I just want to go to the river for some fun.
We got there around 5pm, it took us like an hour to check in because of our dog. Anyway, after checking in, we went straight to the car show, but it was dark already, but it was also good because it wasn't that hot than during the day. Here are some of the cars in the car show.

After the car show, we went bowling with the nephews, it was Christian's birthday, now he is 8.
The next day we went to Colorado River for some fun and thats the main reason I said I will go to Laughlin, I pretty much hate road trip, I am an aeroplane person, I don't like sitting in the car for so long (this time is 3 hrs, compare to San Francisco earlier this month, I guess this should be pretty easy).  
Here is the birthday boy (at the back of Albert), we ask who want to go first, of cos everybody does, however he has a very good excuse, it was his birthday yesterday and his birthday should last for a whole week. 
Baby Adam
George, the oldest brother of Christian and Adam
and of course Cookie is always with us.

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