Monday, October 17, 2011

Cushion covers

What have I done last week? Sewing, making banana bread (no pictures but came out very nice and moist, here is the recipe), rearrange bedroom.
I had my sewing machine now and the fabrics I posted before are now become cushion covers
This is my first attempt. Its not too bad, these fabric are from Walmart for $1 for me to practice. 
Then I move onto some nicer fabrics from Joann

I also shorten my trousers and rearrange the bedroom. Our bedroom is very plain I have no idea how to decorate it. I rearranged the furnitures and decided to paint one of the wall this coming week. 

This is what its look like before we move in.
After that we repaint the whole wall with a cream colour and changed the shade/blinds. 
This is what its look like now, its seem more cozy but me and my husband both think the room become smaller. I am going to paint the wall which the bed now against to, I cannot decide to make a headboard or wait until we buy a new bed, I want a King bed, the one right now is California King, if not then I will need to get some bed skirt too. None of the walls have any decoration on. 

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